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Helicoidal v3

Sonification based on device and live coding

Published onJul 19, 2020
Helicoidal v3

Helicoidal is a sound interface, initially created to sonify / visualize indoor spaces, sensing the geometry of the place with a laser pointer that moves in the form of a spiral; the design and fiction it creates is inspired by the phonograph.

To extend the possibilities of the continuous movement of this strange “turntable”, an OSC server was programmed in Processing and an instruction dictionary to create and perform visual-sound pieces that combine the robust pattern system of Tidal Cycles to sequence in a complex way and to striate the platter movement adding this possibility to data sonification based on this physical device.

In this workshop I am going to present the stack of technologies, how they are being used and share the codes (Tidal+processing+arduino) and the instructions of uses in a github in a pedagogical version that other artists can use to control electronic devices.

Helicoidal V 1

work in progress, Helicoidal v2

Helicoidal v2

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