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Call for Proposals 2022: Bodies, Voices and Pedagogies

Workshop 2022

Published onSep 07, 2022
Call for Proposals 2022: Bodies, Voices and Pedagogies

Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2022: Bodies, Voices and Pedagogies

Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2022: Bodies, Voices, and Pedagogies invites practitioners of live coding and those that are adjacent to submit proposals for lightning talks, mini-performances, speculations/ponderings and/or art works.

How are you reflected through your code? Is your identity found in your on-the-fly decisions? What does your body do when you code? Does it touch, move, shift, breath through the keyboard, screen, code, algorithms? How have you learned live coding? How do you approach teaching live coding? What philosophies influence your pedagogy? What history shapes your method? How does the past, present, or future shape how you code? How does it shape how you talk about code?

Live coding isn’t just about what is written on the screen but also shows the person, the state of their mind and body, and their relationship with the audience. In this call, we are interested in proposals that explore live coding beyond the computer and into the sensational, corporeal and translational through autoethnographic, reflexive praxis. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • The body - Body as input, body as output

  • Voice - Voice as live coded instrument, voice as score

  • Embodiment - Embodiment of code, embodiment of technology, embodiment of instructional art, embodiment of feedback, synesthesia

  • Identity - Queering live coding, heritage and live coding

  • Education - Teaching live coding, learning live coding

Key information

  • Format: Research workshop with short ‘lightning’ presentations followed by moderated discussion.

  • Venue: Online via live YouTube live streaming

  • Times: 2-4 hour sessions, spread over two days 

  • Participation fee: Free to attend for all participants and presenters. Unfortunately we are not able to offer a fee for participation.

  • Outcome: Exchange and generation of ideas, new contacts and potential new collaborations.

  • Contact: [email protected]


  • September 12: Call open for submissions.

  • October 17: Submission deadline.

  • October 31: Notification of acceptance.

  • Dec 6/7: Online workshops


To submit, please share your idea in a few sentences along with your name and timezone for scheduling purposes here:

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