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Livecoding the Audience

Published onJul 29, 2020

When thinking of Speculative design fictions about not yet invented or impossible live coding interfaces, an area that comes to mind is Song/Poetry/Theatric Writing/Performances but from the prespective of the audience. In this case, it will be considered “Livewriting”, where poetry meshes with Code in a performative aspect. With the many possible combinations that occurs in this process, it has the ability to be integrated in the live-coding paradigm. As poetry touches many cultures and songs aren’t derived from one genre, there is a community minded approach that can be attached to this.

Inspired by other livecoding environments, “Livewriting” takes the audiovisual components but twists them in a way to engage the crowd as well. It is envisioned as interactive piece that the coder will code the prompts for the languages and the audience will engage in a Livewriting experience. The unique aspect that “Livewriting” tries to demonstrate is that as humans, even if we are given the same cues, we may come up with different possibilities and there is beauty in that.

Elements of Previous work that Livewriting comes from :

Contain in this link are mock ups of how the language should run :

" A Journey to Another Universe: Akwaaba "

Rite in Rolls


Musical/Poetry/Visual/Spoken Word Example:

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