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Mediation and "object specific" creative processes in experimental live coding

Published onJul 26, 2020
Mediation and "object specific" creative processes in experimental live coding

For the Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces workshop, I propose to present a set of experiments and speculative interfaces that deliberately leverage, as it's main place for creative inquiry, the notions of impossibility, and the limitations of technology.

A concrete example is my screenBashing performance (presented at the 2016 ICLC [ &&]) where a processor-heavy program is run until the laptop battery dies. Some other examples I intend to present for discussion (that exist anywhere in-between tested prototype and pure thought experiment) are: the use of guitar as text input device; a live coding performance that only uses the mouse; programming without being able to see the computer screen and having to memorize the position elements in the code such as variables, functions and it's arguments; livecoding an Arduino synth that can physically catch on fire, among others.

These examples are set out as a way to propose a discussion connecting the ideas of agency and technological mediation in creative practices: how the technical objects that are an integral part of some art practices are not mere transparent passive tools, but are indeed active agents of the process, where technology, by revealing/imposing it's limits, shapes the artwork.

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