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Call for Participation - Boundless Thinking, 2023

Published onSep 21, 2023
Call for Participation - Boundless Thinking, 2023

Live coding is not a genre. Live coding is boundless. 

Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces 2023: Boundless Thinking invites practitioners of live coding and those that are adjacent to submit proposals for lightning talks, mini-performances, speculations/ponderings, and/or art works. In this call, we are interested in proposals that explore and/or discuss live coding beyond typical genres and disciplines - where live code bleeds into other forms, fictions and fantasy.

Boundless thoughts. Boundless potential. Boundless signals. Boundless software. Boundless programs. Boundless loops. Boundless feedback. Infinite results. Infinite conversations. Is there an edge? Where are we now? Where will we go?

Topics may include:

  • Live coding as a Theater or Games

  • Live coding as Flowchart/Word Cloud/Excel Sheet

  • Live coding as a Poem/Joke/Fiction/Folklore

  • Lie (“Lie Coding”)

  • Rant/Love Letter

  • Life coding

  • Live Coding Stand Up

  • Live coding as Documentary

Modalities include but are not limited to: presentations, performances, video, and more. Duration: 5 minutes for presenting + 5 minutes for discussions

Key information

  • Format: Research workshop with short ‘lightning’ presentations followed by moderated discussion.

  • Venue: Online via live YouTube live streaming

  • Times: 2-4 hour sessions, spread over two days 

  • Participation fee: Free to attend for all participants and presenters. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a fee for participation.

  • Outcome: Exchange and generation of ideas, new contacts and potential new collaborations.

  • Contact: [email protected]


  • September 22: Call open for submissions.

  • October 22: Submission deadline.

  • Nov 31: Notification of acceptance.

  • Dec 11/12: Online workshops.

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